Glossary & Acronyms

Palliative care is a type of care for people living with a serious, often terminal, illness that aims not to cure, but rather to treat or manage pain and other physical symptoms.

(Source: PROGRESSIVE project)

Participation refers to the involvement and inclusion of individuals, groups of people or communities within activities and processes.

(Source: CONSIDER)

PCWP = Patients and Consumers Working Parties (European Medicines Agency)

1st, 2nd and 3rd: pension schemes refer to three different retirement products (pillars):

  • the first pillar retirement product is statutory, publicly managed pension schemes;
  • the second pillar consists of privately managed pension schemes provided in an occupational context (by the employer and sometimes the employee), sometimes managed by social partners and stemming from collective agreements;
  • the third pillar consists of personal private pension schemes, such as life insurances or other savings. The third pillar might be encouraged by tax subsidies.


Procurement is the act of identifying and purchasing goods or services (often on the basis of a specification) to be undertaken by an individual or agency.

(Source: PROGRESSIVE project)

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