Glossary & Acronyms

S&D = Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats - political party (European Parliament)

Service providers are formally constituted organisations, in the public, private or not- for-profit sectors, that provide services.

(Source: TeleSCoPE)

The Silver Economy is defined as the market that is being developed around the needs of an ageing population, with a focus on innovation.

Silver Economy covers economic opportunities arising from public and consumer expenditure related to population ageing and the specific needs of people aged over 50.

(Source: European Commission)

Smart Homes are accommodations which feature automated devices and communication systems that can assist security, management and energy efficiency; and can enable people to access information and use services - including those relating to care and support.

(Source: PROGRESSIVE project)

Standardisation: EU standards are a key enabler for accessibility since they help to design  accessible goods and services from onset. Consumers’ representatives are more and more actively involved in standardization work at EU level via the European Association representing Consumers in Standardisation (ANEC). Next to ANEC, the European Disability Forum (EDF) and AGE Platform Europe are engaged in that work to voice the views and concerns of their members.

Subsidiarity is the principle whereby the European Union does not take action (except in the areas that fall within its exclusive competence), unless it is more effective than action taken at national, regional or local level. It is closely bound up with the principle of proportionality, which requires that any action by the Union should not go beyond what is necessary to achieve the objectives of the Treaties.

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