ANAP alerts on new attempts to scam older people during COVID-19 in Italy

ANAP-logoThe Associazione Nazionale Anziani e Pensionati (ANAP) is warning  against a new type of fraud linked to the COVID-19 vaccination. On its website, AGE member organisation in Italy reports the stories of older people in the region of Tuscany who have received by telephone a proposal to administer the anti-Covid vaccine directly at home. 

The Tuscany Region's advice is therefore to contact the police immediately, not to accept any such proposal and not to open the door to strangers pretending to be doctors.

vademecum-anap-fiapa-2020-coverANAP recalls that information and awareness-raising are powerful tools to reduce the isolation and abuse in older age. This is why the organisation produced during the first lockdown in March 2020, together with FIAPA (Féderation Internationale des Associations de Personnes Âgées), a vademecum on how to avoid contagion and scams in times of Covid.

The vademecum is available in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Read the full article in Italian


Tuesday 09 February 2021
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