Belgium: Courant d’Ages publishes a Memorandum for the EU elections

The Belgian intergenerational platform, Courants d’Ages, has gathered recommendations to political representatives on various topics such as perception of ageing, politics and citizenship, housing, mobility, territory planning, volunteering, education and training or employment and pensions. These recommendations were collected during the network reflection on active ageing for the EY2012.

The current economic and social context is largely influenced by the subject of ageing population and by the impact this demographic change implies. The challenges are many, in terms of employment, housing, social relations or territory planning and mobility. In this time of crisis where the sustainability of pension systems and social protection is increasingly questioned, some may fear tensions between generations. Intergenerational relationships help to defuse and prevent these tensions by encouraging a collective approach to address these issues. The recommendations of Courants d’Ages aim at a better consideration and improvement of the realities of the intergenerational sector. It is crucial to support this sector through public policies placing people at the center of its concerns for a social pact supportive and attentive to all generations.

Download the memorandum here (in French only).

Download the brochure on active ageing here (in French only).

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Tuesday 01 April 2014
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