Bulgarian Tulip Foundation provides training on how to get involved in EU decision making

On 24 February, as part of the Active Senior Citizens for Europe (ASCE) project, AGE Bulgarian members organised a training on the European Union aimed at older people’s organisations and senior volunteers. Various organisations from Sofia, Dryanovo, Ruse and Plovdiv participated in the initiative.

Maria Petkova, Director of Tulip Foundation, presented information about the functioning of the European Union and the impact of the European policies on the lives of senior citizens. THe training also comprised a session explaining how older people can influence the EU policies. Thanks to the work of the Tulip Foundation and the Bulgarian Red Cross, AGE guide to the EU institutions was translated in Bulgarian and distributed among the participants of the training. For more information, visit the Tulip Foundation website: www.tulipfoundation.net

Tuesday 01 April 2014
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