Old’Up and AGE exchange on ageism and EU elections

OLDUP_logoOn 21 February, AGE French member organisation Old’Up held its general meeting to mobilize their members for the upcoming EU elections. AGE Policy Director, Maciej Kucharczyk, was invited to present the role the EU plays in addressing the challenges of population ageing. Maciej also presented AGE most recent initiatives, in particular AGE campaign against ageism #AgeingEqual and our key recommendations addressed to candidates for the European elections presented in AGE Manifesto. You can read the full presentation here.

The exchange with Old’Up members showed the similarity of interests, expectations and concerns of older persons in France and other EU countries. To meet older people’s needs and address challenges on the future of the European integration, Old’Up members insisted on the importance for EU action to empower citizens and to promote the respect of human rights of all age and population groups. They furthermore expressed their wish to continue cooperating on common issues with AGE members.

Tuesday 12 March 2019
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