AGE news on the European Semester

AGE's policy work around the European Semester consists both of bringing our member's recommendations to Brussels and the EU institutions as assessing the National Reform Programmes of the member States. Our members follow up this process on national level to ensure that the situation of older people regarding employment, pensions and long-term care is adequately addressed in the social dimension of the European Semester.

We advocate for an inclusion of social objectives into the European Semester, such as the social targets of the Europe 2020 strategy (reducing the number of people affected by poverty by 20 million and bringing employment to 75% of the active population by 2020). The employment target cannot be met without creating workplaces that are adapted to older workers and especially to older women. Reducing poverty also means reducing the poverty of disadvantaged older persons: women, low-income earnerns, migrants as well as the 'oldest old'.


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