AGE Secretariat

AGE Secretariat is responsible for the administrative day-to-day management of the association and for liaising with the European institutions. It is based in Brussels (Avenue de Tervueren, 168/2, 1150 Brussels, Belgium) and is composed of a European staff.



Secretary General

Anne-Sophie is the official legal representative of the organisation to the EU institutions and has the overall responsibility of managing the AGE secretariat and implementing AGE’s strategic objectives. She coordinates AGE’s general work programme, decided by AGE members.

Policy Director

Maciej supports the Secretary General, in particular in the coordination of AGE policy work, management of policy staff and external representation. He is also in charge of membership issues, liaising with the Accreditation Committee.

Research Project Manager

Ilenia is in charge of the overall coordination of AGE EU Research Projects. She is responsible for the elaboration of projects' activity plans, budget expenditure, financial reporting and accounting. Ilenia manages AGE participation in tenders and call for proposals, and works directly on European projects related to Universal Design, Health and eHealth, Accessibility, ICTs and tourism. She contributes to monitoring of user involvement in projects, she ensures a wide dissemination of project results, and she works on the ethical dimensions of ageing.

Office Manager
Hanan Soussi,

Hanan is responsible for the day-to-day management of the AGE office, including administrative issues and finances. She is also in charge of human resources and membership issues, liaising with the Accreditation Committee, dealing with application requests and members fees. She oversees the organization of AGE meetings and is the contact person for Belgian authorities.

Administrative Assistant

Nathalie organises AGE’s statutory meetings and other events. She is also in charge of feeding the members website and of the maintenance of the database, assists the Office Manager (bookkeeping) and Project managers: translations and participation in the drafting of communication tools, periodic reporting.

Information and Communication Officer

Anne is responsible for drafting information and communication tools, including issuing the monthly newsletter CoverAGE and managing AGE’s public website. She is also in charge of developing AGE’s communication profile, monitoring press resources on ageing issues and provides communication support for AGE’s campaigns and events.

Policy Coordinator on Human Rights & Non-Discrimination

Nena coordinates AGE's work on human rights and discrimination. She is in charge of AGE advocacy for a UN convention on the rights of older persons and new EU legislation in the field of equality. She also follows the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the EU level, in particular the intersection between ageing and disability. Nena represents AGE at the Fundamental Rights Platform, as well as in the Council of Europe and the United Nations working groups to strengthen older people’s rights. She is also Deputy Chair of the Global Alliance on the Rights of Older Persons. She is currently supervising an Early Stage Researcher who is doing a PhD in the field of ageism in the frame of the EuroAgeism project.

Policy and EP Liaison Officer

Philippe is responsible for AGE’s policy activities in the fields of employment of older workers and social protection, as well as gender equality. He coordinates the respective Task Forces on Employment and on Adequate Income. He also coordinates AGE’s relations with the European Parliament (EP) and the EP Intergroup subgroup on Active Ageing and Solidarity Between Generations.

Policy Coordinator for Health, New Technologies and Accessibility

Julia coordinates AGE policy work in the areas of health, new technologies and accessibility in support of active and healthy ageing. She is responsible for the Task Force on Healthy Ageing and the Task Force on Accessibility, mobility and new technologies. She works on the European Accessibility Act and monitor the related standardisation work. She represents AGE in the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). Julia is also involved in the work on Age-Friendly Environments, supporting the Task Force on Age-Friendly Environments, as well as the European Covenant on Demographic Change and the related action group in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. She is also involved in the SEED project which seeks to set up and run an EU Silver Economy Awards. 

Project and Policy Officer
Borja Arrue Astrain,

Borja is responsible for AGE's policy work on long-term care and elder abuse, and he coordinates the respective Task Force on Dignified Ageing. He also works on a number of European projects on long term care, integrated care and demographic change. He is responsible for project management, awareness raising among AGE members and the elaboration of policy recommendations, among others.

Projects: FamiliesAndSocieties (demographic change and social policy), MopAct (multidisciplinary research on ageing); InAdvance (Optimizing palliative care)

Campaign and Project Officer

Estelle participates in several European projects dealing with digitalisation, well-being, health and standardisation in relation to ageing and older persons. In that frame, she works on the popularization of these issues towards older people and relevant EU stakeholders. She is also committed to organising participatory processes to ensure that older people have their say in the process. As campaign officer, she coordinated the #AgeingEqual global campaign against ageism in late 2018 and actively contributes to AGE capacity-building and awareness-raising activities to tackle age stereotypes and discrimination.

Projects: Homes4Life (certification for ageing at home), i-PROGNOSIS (early detection of Parkinson’s using new technologies), NESTORE (a virtual coach for independent living)

Project Officer

Nhu works on a number of European projects related to healthcare, long term care, palliative care, frailty, new technologies and demographic change. She is responsible of raising awareness about projects’ results to relevant European stakeholders, voicing the needs, concerns and expectations of older people in European projects.

Projects: ATHLOS (ageing trajectories of health), InAdvance (Optimizing palliative care), Homes4Life (certification for ageing in place)

Project Officer

Vera works on a broad range of projects dealing with assistive technologies, malnutrition and Parkison’s disease, bringing the perspectives of older users and potential consumers in research projects. She moreover contributes to communicating outcomes and results of life-science to older persons.

Projects: MATUROLIFE (assistive technologies based on smart textiles), i-PROGNOSIS (early detection of Parkinson’s using new technologies), and PROMISS (malnutrition in older age)

Project Officer

Luisa works on several European projects related to long term care, digital solutions, malnutrition and demographic change. She is also responsible for bringing older people’ view into European projects and raise awareness about projects’ outcomes.

Projects: SHAPES (supportive systems for smart and healthy ageing), PROMISS (malnutrition in older age), VALUECARE (integrated value-based care for healthy ageing and independent living), PHArA-ON (integrated and customizable interoperable open platforms for smart and active living).

Staff Regulations: According to our Statutes, the Secretary General has sole responsibility for the day-to-day management of staff, who report to the Secretary General. The Secretary General reports to the Executive Committee.

Staff Regulations are regularly updated in consultation with staff members.  Each new staff member receives a copy of the Staff Regulations together with her/his contract. Staff members are expected to respect AGE staff regulations. Within the Executive Committee, one Vice-President is responsible for staff issues. 

The Secretariat can be contacted in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek and Polish.


AGE Secretariat is responsible for carrying out the tasks determined by the Council, and for running the current and administrative affairs of the platform.

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