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Become_a_donor-icon-largerOur vision and mission

AGE Platform Europe (AGE) is promoting a vision of an inclusive society for all ages, based on solidarity and cooperation between generations, where everyone is empowered to participate fully in society and enjoy life in entire respect of their rights while fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

Our membership is solely open to non-governmental and non-for-profit actors. Through our members, AGE represents more than 40 million senior citizens across the EU. More broadly, our mission is to voice and promote the interests of the 200 million citizens aged 50+ in the European Union and to raise awareness of the issues that concern them most.

Guiding principles

Our work is based on the following three guiding principles:

  • Demographic change as an opportunity to create an age-friendly society across Europe where all citizens, whatever their age, can enjoy equal rights and opportunities;
  • A comprehensive approach to ageing across economic and social spheres to make our European social model sustainable and fair for all generations;
  • Older women and men as self-advocates able to speak out on their own behalf, in order to better protect their interests and express their very diverse needs. 

Cooperation with external stakeholders 

Our core activities are financed by membership fees, donations from non-for-profit bodies and by restricted grants from EU programmes.

In addition, AGE welcomes donations from external stakeholders – including governmental and corporate actors – who share AGE’s vision of a society for all ages and wish to support its mission, in particular to promote older people’s rights, to combat ageism and support a dignified, active, healthy and inclusive ageing.

We welcome the interest expressed by our donors for the work done by older people and their representative organisations through AGE Platform Europe, in full respect of each other's role and independence. AGE sees their donations as a sign that they care about older people’s participation in society and wish to improve their provision of goods and services to enable everyone to live longer, healthier, more productive and independent lives.

Objectives for which AGE would particularly welcome cooperation with new stakeholders

When cooperating with external stakeholders and donors, AGE is open for long-lasting partnership to support our vision and mission, as well as for ad-hoc collaboration on specific issues or actions of common interest. Through both long and short-term collaboration, we wish to fulfil these key objectives:  

  • Promote older people’s human rights at EU and international level;
  • Monitor and positively impact the formulation and implementation of relevant EU socio-economic policies;
  • Promote a positive image of ageing and older people;
  • Promote age-friendly environments at grass-root level to support active and healthy ageing;
  • Improve awareness and knowledge of older people’s rights, concerns and expectations across the EU at international level.

Activities for cooperation with external stakeholders

To achieve our objectives and respond to our members’ and external stakeholders’ expectations, we rely mainly on complementary types of activities:

  • Policy work: implementing AGE policy priorities agreed by the General Assembly;
  • Project work: seizing relevant opportunities to work further on AGE priorities through EU projects;
  • Networking: supporting members’ interaction, cooperation and participation in joint projects and initiatives.

AGE Code of ethics for donations from external stakeholders 

While AGE welcomes donations from a wide range of external stakeholders, we have developed a clear Code of ethics to framework such donations through principles that may exclude some potential stakeholders such as tobacco companies, arm industry, etc. in line with WHO’s rules for engagement with non-state actors.  

We thank our donors for their support!

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EU transparency register

You can also access information on AGE posted in the EU Transparency register under n° 16549972091-86.


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