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Become_a_donor-iconAGE Platform Europe’s membership is solely open to non-governmental and non-for-profit actors. Our core activities are financed exclusively by membership fees, donations from non-for-profit bodies and by restricted grants from EU programmes.

In addition AGE welcomes donations from external stakeholders - including governmental and corporate actors - who share AGE’s vision of a society for all ages and wish to support its mission to combat ageism, promote an age-friendly EU, up-scale smart and innovative evidence based solutions to foster active and healthy ageing, and boost the EU Silver Economy.

We welcome the interest expressed by our donors for the work done by older people and their representative organisations through AGE Platform Europe, in full respect of each other's role and independence. AGE sees such donations as a sign that key external stakeholders actors care about older people’s participation in society and wish to improve their provision of goods and services to enable everyone to live longer, healthier, more productive and independent lives.

Areas from which AGE would particularly welcome engagement of new donors

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the physical and social environments are key determinants of whether people can remain healthy, independent and autonomous long into their old age. Promoting age-friendly workplaces, goods and services is one of the most effective approaches for responding to demographic ageing and increasing the healthy life expectancy.

Age-friendly environments empower older people to age in better physical and mental health, promote their social inclusion and active participation and help them maintain their autonomy and a good quality of life in their old age. They enable older workers to remain at work for longer, lower the pressure on traditional care and assistance and boost the economy through demand for innovative solutions.

By making a donation to AGE Platform Europe, external stakeholders can help us promote a positive vision of ageing and combat age discrimination and ageism that are still so pervasive in our labour markets and societies. 

AGE Code of ethics for donations from external stakeholders 

While AGE welcomes donations from a wide range of external stakeholders, we have developed a clear Code of ethics to framework such donations through principles that may exclude some potential stakeholders such as tobacco companies, arm industry, etc. in line with WHO’s rules for engagement with non-state actors.  

We thank our donors for their support!

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EU transparency register

Donors can also access information on AGE posted in the EU Transparency register under n° 16549972091-86.


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