Minimum income: EMIN bus journey launch ceremony

On 24 April, the European Minimum Income Network - EMIN will launch the EMIN Bus journey, an awareness raising campaign across Europe. 2 Buses, 32 Countries, 64 days, over 120 events and over a thousand volunteers are arranged to build awareness of the importance for the whole society of adequate, accessible and enabling Minimum Income Schemes.  

European Minimum Income Network (EMIN) is an informal Network of organisations and individuals committed to achieve the progressive realisation of the right to adequate, accessible and enabling Minimum Income Schemes. EMIN unites various experts, professionals, academics and diverse entities active in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. This network is coordinated by the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN).

The launch ceremony of the EMIN Bus Journey will take place at the Esplanade Solidarność 1980 on 24 April 2018 from 11.00 till 13.00. European Commissioner Marianne Thyssen will open the Bus Tour, there will also be several panels of experts by experience, civil society organisations and faith community leaders. EP Vice President Mairead McGuiness will officially close his ceremony and send the Bus on the way. 

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AGE Platform Europe supports the initiative and some of our members will be part of the journey. We encourage our members and all other interested actors to join the journey. You can follow the EMIN bus journey on this blog: 

As partner of the EMIN project in 2013-2014, we carried out a thematic research on the adequacy of old-age minimum income schemes in France, Ireland and Poland. The result of this survey was published in report entitled ‘What should an adequate old-age income entail to live in dignity?’.

Read more on our contribution and findings here


Tuesday, 24 April, 2018 - 11:00 to 13:00
Brussels, Belgium
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On 24 April, we will launch our Bus Awareness Raising journey :  2 Buses, 32 Countries, 64 days, over 120 programmes and over a thousand volunteers are arranged to build awareness of the importance for the whole society of adequate, accessible and enabling Minimum Income Schemes. Follow our adventures on the blog


The focal point of the EMIN awareness-raising activities will be to coordinate and implement the initiative ‘European Minimum Income – Journey for better Minimum Income Schemes and a better Europe’

Two buses will be used for the journey and they each will travel for two months setting out from a high-profile ceremony in Brussels in late April 2018. Each bus will be identified by a wrap displaying the main messages of the EMIN awareness raising activity.   Between the two buses we aim to visit 32 European countries. At least 4 days should be spent in each country and on the days the bus will be stopped a series of meetings will be held with civil society organisations, politicians and with the public.

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