Tubbemoddelen: Innovative participative management model in Swedish nursing homes


Allowing staff and residents to manage the nursing home together and giving older persons the feeling that it is their own home, this is the basic idea of the Tubbemoddelen, an innovative bottom-up management model originally set up in the nursing homes of the municipality of Tjörn, Sweden.  

Inspired by the vision of the Danish teacher Tyra Frank and following her motto ‘As long as one is alive, one should live’, the Swedish model is based on a genuine participative management process which include nursing home residents at all levels in the planning and running of their own living conditions. Tubbemodellen_in_TubberödshusE.g. the Tubberödshus retirement home is run and organised by the residents, with the support of the staff, not the other way round.

This type of management reflects Sweden’s specific contexts and needs. Indeed, the country is faced with a shortage of health professionals and nurses in certain regions, such as Tjörn. The aim of Tubbemoddelen is to ensure a model that fosters maximum residents’ involvement to provide quality care with the available staff.

Read a presentation of Tubbemoddelen here  

Une présentation en français est disponible à la page 145 de cette publication de la Fondation Roi Baudouin (BE)

Pilot projects have been set up in Belgium, in both Flanders and Wallonia.

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