Intergroup on Active Ageing, Intergenerational Solidarity and Family issues


An Intergroup, what is it?

Intergroups of the European Parliament are informal groups of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from any political group and any committee, who wish to exchange their views on particular subjects and promote contact with civil society. Intergroups are not Parliament bodies and therefore may not express the Parliament's opinion.

Added value of an Intergroup on ageing and solidarity between generations

Intergroup_Ageing-logoIntergroups are strategic fora to maintain contacts with MEPs from different political groups and have them addressing ageing-related issues. This is why AGE has been closely working for many years now with the successive Intergroups dealing with ageing and intergenerational solidarity. We seek to maintain a privileged relationship with the Intergroup to make further progress to adapt Europe to population ageing. This cooperation has helped us advance many relevant EU dossiers.

Find out the achievements of the 2015-2019 Intergroup mandate

2015-2019 Intergroup on active ageing & family issues

The ongoing European Parliament's Intergroup on Active Ageing, Intergenerational Solidarity and Family policies (2015-2019) is based on the previous Intergroup on Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity and the Family Intergroup, founded in 1982. Officially re-established on 12 March 2015, it is now working in two sub-groups: one on active ageing and another one on family issues, while the issue of intergenerational solidarity will be mainstreamed in all of the Intergroup's activities. 

AGE is closely working with the subgroup dedicated to active ageing, which will bring together MEPs who have an interest in discussing the challenges that ageing poses for all generations, and finding sustainable and fair solutions for all European citizens

EP_Manifesto_2019_Blog-small_2The Intergroup's activities will be monitored and reported on our EP blog "The Europe we want is for all ages", a collaborative platform on the European Parliament's work to address demographic change.


List of Members of the 2015-2019 Intergroup Subgroup on Active Ageing


  • Heinz K. Becker (Austria, EPP)
  • Ivo Belet (Belgium, EPP)
  • Brando Benifei (Italy, S&D)
  • David Casa (Malta, EPP)
  • Nessa Childers (Ireland, S&D)
  • Carlos Coelho (Portugal, EPP)
  • Andor Deli (Hungary, EPP)
  • Christian Ehler (Germany, EPP)
  • Jose Manuel Fernandes (Portugal, EPP)
  • Monika Flasikova-Benova (Slovakia, S&D)
  • Elene Gentile (Italy, S&D)
  • Arne Gericke (Germany, ECR)
  • Ana Gomes (Portugal, S&D)
  • Enrique Guerrero Salom (Spain, S&D)
  • Marian Harkin (Ireland, ALDE)
  • Katerina Konecna (Czech Republic, GUE/NGL)
  • Adam Kosa (Hungary, EPP)
  • Eduard Kukan (Slovakia, EPP)
  • Jean Lambert (UK, the Greens)
  • Olle Ludvigsson (Sweden, S&D)


  • Roberta Metsola (Malta, EPP)
  • Francisco Jose Millan Mon (Spain, EPP)
  • Marlene Mizzi (Malta, S&D)
  • Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar (Portugal, EPP)
  • Claude Moraes (UK, S&D)
  • Jozsef Nagy (Slovakia, EPP)
  • Lambert van Nistelrooij (NL, EPP)
  • Alojz Peterle (Slovenia, EPP)
  • Sirpa Pietikainen (Finland, EPP)
  • Paulo Rangel (Portugal, EPP)
  • Sofia Ribeiro (Portugal, EPP)
  • Robert Rochefort (France, ALDE)
  • Fernando Ruas (Portugal, EPP)
  • Csaba Sogor (Hungary, EPP)
  • Ivan Stefanec (Slovakia, EPP)
  • Jutta Steinruck (Germany, S&D)
  • Ivo Vajgl (Slovenia, ALDE)
  • Josef Weidenholzer (Austria, S&D)
  • Pablo Zalba Bidegain (Spain, EPP)
  • Jana Zitnanska (Slovakia, ECR)


For more information on the Intergroup, please contact Philippe Seidel, AGE European Parliament liaison officer:


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