How can I follow the activities of the European Parliament?

You wish to follow the activties of the European parliament and you don't know where to find the information? Here you can find the links to the main sources of information. 


1.   Follow-up of the agendas

You can follow the activities of the European Parliament and the agendas of the plenary sessions and committees on-line :


  1. Follow in live the debates

You can watch in live the debates in the different committees and in different languages on the European Parliament website.


3.   Follow the activities of the Political Groups

You can also follow the activties of the different political groups on their respective websites:


  1. The activities of your national parliament are also important to follow, as they are the 'guardians of the subsidiarity principle'

The national parliaments also follow the activities of the European Union, and most of them have a dedicated committee to it. Since the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the National parliaments are more than ever the "guardians of the subsidiarity principle" and have the possibility, by different processes (red, orange or yellow card) to question the respect of the subsidiarity principle of a European Commission initiative.

Each national parliament has a representative in the European Parliament. You can get all the contact details of your representative, as well as the links to the websites of your national parliaments by cliking here:

Contact details of National parliaments in the European parliament

Sunday 31 January 2010
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