Positive outcomes of the negotiation on the European Year 2012 between the Council and the European Parliament

The European Parliament and the Council finally reached an agreement on the proposal for the European Year 2012. AGE Platform Europe members and all partners of the  coalition for the EY2012 welcome the agreement which includes very positive improvements: a reference to solidarity between generations in the title, a budget (5 million euros), a broader definition of what is meant by active ageing based on the World Health Organisation definition, the promotion of age-management strategies, health prevention and quality of services, the fight against age discrimination, the use of the Open Method of Coordination, and the proposed cooperation with the United Nations and the Council of Europe to achieve better results for the EY2012. The European Parliament will vote on the text in plenary in mid-June and the Council will take its final decision at the end of June.

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http://www.eppgroup.eu/press/showpr.asp?prcontroldoctypeid=1&prcontrolid=10322&prcontentid=17462&prcontentlg=en or contact Alice Sinigaglia: alice.sinigaglia@age-platform.eu.

Monday 06 June 2011
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