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Respect and enjoyment of ones’ human rights by all individuals is a fundamental feature of our democratic societies. The right to be respected and treated with dignity, to take part and be included in society may seem straightforward to some people, but can be a real challenge for some older people. And this is all the more true in these tough economic times, when fundamental rights tend to be overshadowed by economic concerns.

In the past decade, the global and EU contexts have changed radically the political and social landscapes in Europe. The persistent economic and social crisis combined with the baby-boomers’ demographic “pressure”, the migration and refugee’s crisis, the growing fear of terrorist attacks, the shock of the Brexit referendum , all lead to a growing feeling that the EU needs to reconsider its objectives, organisation and processes.

In the coming years we wish to help the European Union reconnect with its citizens and create a forward looking society where everyone has a role to play, is valued and supported to lead an active and autonomous life regardless of age, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual orientation. 

Maintaining and enhancing our basic European values of dignity, solidarity and equality should remain the main priority guiding all EU external and internal actions.

As members of the older generation, we have a duty to defend our shared values and the European dream that we and our parents built together over the past decades. Our aim is that of a European Union of peace and solidarity, growth and prosperity for all, respectful of the diversity among its member states and supportive of other regions of the World.

Together we want to pursue our endeavours in favour of a society inclusive of all and will continue to join forces to ensure a better and safer future for all generations in Europe and in other parts of the world.

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