Healthy Ageing

Infographic WHO Healthy Ageing“Healthy ageing is the process of optimising opportunities for physical, social and mental health to enable older people to take an active part in society without discrimination and to enjoy an independent and good quality of life”.
Healthy Ageing, a challenge for Europe (2004-2007)


Health Promotion and disease prevention: this pillar is very important since it goes along the idea that we need to invest early in health to alleviate the burden on the healthcare systems and increase healthy life years expectancy.

One of the main dossiers here is the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA) in which AGE is actively involved since it was launched in 2011 and has managed to enshrin the issue of an age-friendly environment as a key component to extend healthy life year expectancy. This work is also supported by the involvement of AGE in the European Covenant on Demographic Change.

Medicines for older people: in that area, most of the work is linked to the activity of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in which AGE is actively involved through the Patients and Consumers Working Parties notably to shed lights on the issue of adequate use of medicines in older age.


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