Active ageing on a tricycle

In the framework of the AENEAS project's final conference on 8 April 2011, dedicated to “Green Mobility for Active Ageing”, an interesting and very nice video was presented by its main protagonist, Mrs. Gunda Krauss. Mrs.  Krauss is a 72-year old of Munich who crossed Germany in a tricycle (pedelec) as way to show that  active ageing is possible and that using sustainable and energy-efficient modes of transport is a fun, healthy and sociable way to stay active as long as possible. She will renew her commitment by the end of the year with a friend: on a pedelec and wheelchair respectively, but with an unknow destination. These two German ladies will deomstrate their trust in other peopl'es advice and will be guided only by the directions provided by the people they will meet on their way. Just one rule: the tour ends where it began: the journey is their destination.

Should you will to contact Mrs. Krauss, please email Ilenia Gheno at

The Gunda video is online on youtube already at: (German) (English)

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