AGE advocates for an international Convention on older persons' rights at the Belgian Parliament

AS_hearing@BelgianChamber_Jan2020On 28 January, our Secretary-General, Anne-Sophie Parent, was invited to a hearing on the need for a new International Convention on older persons’ rights at the Chamber of the Belgian government.

Mrs Parent insisted that calling for an international instrument is not about claiming for new rights. It would help make links between different relevant instruments and make ageism more visible and no longer tolerated, at least legally. A Convention would aim to make sure that older people, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities, are able to enjoy their human rights for the rest of their lives.

One never loses the right to enjoy one's human rights. They are valid for all of us until the end of our lives. This is what an international instrument would clarify, explained AGE Secretary-General.

View Anne-Sophie Parent’s hearing (in French)

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