AGE answers EC consultation on impact assessment

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Following its commitment to revise its Impact Assessment guidelines in 2014, the European Commission has launched a consultation - to which AGE Platform Europe has replied - in order to seek stakeholders' views on the draft revised guidelines.

The European Commission employs impact assessment as a tool, operating at the early stage of the policy cycle, when new proposals are being developed. It contributes to the quality of policy-making by ensuring that Commission initiatives and proposals for EU legislation are prepared on the basis of transparent, comprehensive and balanced evidence on the nature of the problem to be addressed, the added value of EU action and the cost and benefits of alternative courses of action for all stakeholders.

We have replied to this consultation arguing first that the social and economic impact assessment should be balanced and avoid underestimating the impact of policy options, even if in a longer time perspective, on the lives of European citizens. Second, we establish that to deliver the EU's commitment to respect the Charter of Fundamental rights, fundamental rights considerations should become an integral part of the exercise. Last, we suggest a number of concrete changes to the existing list of questions to be tacked during the impact assessment.



For more information you may contact Nena Georgantzi, Legal Officer

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