Age-Friendly Ireland invites you to its conference on Age-Friendly Environments in Europe

Age Friendly Ireland_logoThis two-day conference, taking place on 25-26 October in Dublin, will offer an opportunity to explore how we can increase our capacity to deliver an Age Friendly Europe. The conference will be highly interactive and it is anticipated that speakers and delegates will together address the following key issues:

  • Harmonising visions: Framing a smart, sustainable, inclusive and equitable future for all.
  • Organising resources: Collaborative leadership, citizen empowerment and business community engagement.
  • Information for improvement: Measurement, indicators and an information base for improved decision-making, supporting greater health and well-being.

To help set the scene, a number of panels will enable participants to share their experiences and insights on a range of topic areas including;

How can ‘healthy and active ageing’ be best stimulated across our cities, towns and neighborhoods? What are the links and synergies between ‘Age Friendly’, ‘Healthy’ and ‘Smart’ Cities? Can wider stakeholder coalitions be made and sustained to support effective focus on active and healthy ageing? How do we capitalise on these synergies and sustain the overlapping agendas simultaneously?

Other challenges that will be addressed as part of this conference are:

How can we use data to make our environments safer, healthier and more sustainable? What role do indicators and tools such as the Covenant on Demographic Change and the new Age Friendly Environments in Europe (AFEE) publications have to play in promoting and sustaining political and social commitment to active and healthy ageing?

Download the conference programme here (pdf)

To register your interest in attending the conference please email Age Friendly Ireland at 

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