AGE launches capacity-building toolkit to advocate for an age-friendly EU

Based on several years of AGE's accumulated knowledge and experience in testing and developping participatory approaches, this toolkit aims to spread the word and support older people and their organisations to advocate for age-friendly EU. Anyone willing to influence decision and policy making processes in the field of ageing and/or impacting older people can also use this toolkit.

The guide wants in particular to support AGE members and other older people organisations in influencing EU and national policies that are relevant for older people, building partnerships and in staying up-to-dated on relevant EU policies and funding opportunities. The toolkit is based on several projects and initiatives in which AGE was directly involved such as AFE INNOVNET, INNOVAGE, ASCE and WeDO projects.
It is aimed to be a step-by-step guide, from planning to evaluation, of a campaign for an age-friendly EU.

The toolkit includes:

  • Background information on ageing and why we need age-friendly environments;
  • An action model that can be adapted to a wide range of campaigns
  • Tips and tricks to help you plan and assess your strategies and actions;
  • Tools to implement specific advocacy actions.

The toolkit aims to be a good starting point for any organisation of older people wishing to promote a more positive vision of ageing and of older people, and come with concrete proposals in how to do it. It gives you some ideas on where to start, how to build your case and how to spread your message.

The capacity building toolkit is available for download here

For more information, please contact Maude Luherne

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