FamiliesAndSocieties research warns of increasing vulnerability of families and points out role of policies

Bernhard RiedererAs part of our involvement in the FamiliesAndSocieties project, AGE Platform Europe has interviewed Mr Bernhard Riederer, researcher of the work package on Foresight

Bernhard Riederer is researcher at the Vienna Institute of Demography of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW-VID). As such, he is part of the Foresight research within Families and Societies. Even though predicting the future is an impossible task, this research has delivered findings on possible scenarios regarding the well-being and vulnerabilities of families with children in the future, which can contribute to orientate policymaking in Europe. In this interview, Mr Riederer explains what foresight in demographics and family policy is about, and the findings of the project in this field.

Read Mr Bernhard Riederer's interview here

FamiliesAndSocieties is a project exploring the transformations of families and societies across Europe. AGE Platform contributes to it notably by disseminating the findings and integrating them in its policy work when relevant. The project runs until end-January 2017. 

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