List of AGE European elections Manifesto signatories

2 April 2014 / So far 35 MEP candidates have signed AGE Manifesto for the EU elections in May 2014 and have thereby supported the proposed overarching measures to promote age-friendly environments at EU level. The list (with pictures of the candidates) is also available on the blog at: 


      • Heinz K. BECKER Austria, ÖVP


      • Ivo BELET, CD&V
      • Anne-Marie CLAEYS-MATTHYS, cdH
      • Jean-Pierre GRAFÉ, cdH
      • Antoine TANZILLI, cdH
      • Claude ROLIN, cdH
      • Saskia BRICMONT, ECOLO

Czech Republic

      • Olga SEHNALOVÁ, ÈSSD


      • Sirpa PIETIKAÏNEN, Kok


      • Nathalie GRIESBECK, Modem-UDI
      • Jean-Louis COTTIGNY, Parti socialiste
      • Sylvie GUILLAUME, Parti socialiste
      • Eric ANDRIEU, Parti socialiste


      • Marian HARKIN, Independent
      • Emer COSTELLO, Labour Party


      • Armando RINALDI, IoCambio
      • Brando BENIFEI, PD

The Netherlands

      • Lambert van NISTELROOIJ, CDA


      • Tadeusz ROSS, PO


      • Eduard KUKAN, SDKÚ–DS
      • Stanislav TRNOVEC, OLaNO
      • Veronika REMISOVA, OLaNO


      • Ivo VAJGL, DeSUS
      • Tanja FAJON, SD
      • Tatjana GREIF, Lista Kacin Konkretno
      • Dušan KEBER, Solidarnost
      • Dorijan MARSIC, Lista Kacin Konkretno
      • Mojca KLEVA KEKUS, SD


      • Josep Maria TERRICABRAS, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya


      • Olle LUDVIGSSON, S


      • Claude MORAES, Labour
      • Derek VAUGHAN, Labour
      • Asim KHAN, Labour
      • Keith TAYLOR, Greens
      • Jean LAMBERT, Greens
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