Scotland launches Active and Healthy Ageing Action Plan 2014-2016

The Scottish Government and various partners from health, social care, housing, the third sector, the Care Inspectorate and the Scottish Older People’s Assembly have joined forces to develop a plan for Active and Healthy Ageing in Scotland, building on the momentum of activity undertaken in 2012 to celebrate the European Year of Active Ageing.

“Somewhere to go and something to do” Active and Healthy Ageing: An Action Plan for Scotland 2014 – 2016 highlights good practice to be spread and identifies ambitious but practical actions to be achieved by 2016, based around four key themes that older people indicated were important to them.

  • “I want to have fun and enjoy myself”
  • “I wish to remain connected to my friends”
  • “I wish to be able to contribute to society for as long as I want”
  • “Don’t talk about me without me, and respect my beliefs and values”

These include a number of specific actions for national organisations, health, care and housing partnerships, community planning partners, the third and independent sectors, and older people and communities.


More information:

Download “Somewhere to go and something to do” Active and Healthy Ageing: An Action Plan for Scotland 2014 – 2016.

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