User Involvement Brochure - call for voluntary design support

AGE is looking for support in drafting the visual presentation of one of its publication, devoted to the involvement of older people in research.

This document introduces the principle of user involvement, highlighting challenges and practices around such an essential issue of both policies activities and research development. Skimp on it makes run the risk that researchers or policy makers miss the point when developing new goods, services or policies. Indeed, transforming users into participants ensures relevance and adequacy of these new initiatives, facilitate the anticipation of ethical issues, prepare commercial take-up, and eventually brings more added-value for everyone.

Our publication counts about 50 pages and will be addressed to project managers, decision-makers and older people’s associations, among other stakeholders, for raising awareness on the key principles and useful practices of user involvement.

AGE searches for a volunteer able to work on the visual presentation of the publication. We will eventually provide a computer and a place where to work for the time needed, in a very friendly and warm atmosphere. Applicants willing to contribute from a distance are also welcome, there is no need to be based in Brussels.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Ophélie Durand ( for further information.

Please help us desseminate this information.

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