AGE welcomes the European Parliament’s call for minimum quality standards for LTC and support to carers


Brussels, 9 September 2010


European Parliament resolution on long-term care for older people

AGE welcomes the European Parliament’s call for minimum quality standards for LTC and support to carers


“We are very pleased that the Resolution adopted today by the European Parliament supports our call for greater attention to be paid at EU and national level on the issue of elder abuse and the safeguard of older people in the community and in all care settings” said Anne-Sophie Parent, Director of AGE.

“Like child abuse, elder abuse can no longer be tolerated and measures must be put in place to ensure that all older persons who become dependent on others for care and assistance are adequately protected and can enjoy a dignified old age” added Parent. In today’s context of economic crisis, budget consolidation and rapid societal change, important reforms are under way in the long-term care (LTC) field. There is an increasing outsourcing of services, greater cross-border mobility of care professionals and of service users, an increasing participation of end-users and their families in the financing of their LTC costs as well as greater public expectations that something needs to be done to protect the growing number of frail older people from the risk of elder abuse and to promote the quality of LTC services.

AGE fully supports the EP call for a Green Paper on elder abuse and safeguarding older people in the community and in all care settings and their call on the Member States to bring greater attention on the enforcement of, and compliance with, quality criteria for service provision. AGE was pleased also that the MEPs stressed the need for minimum quality standards for older people’s care services in their debate with Commissioner Andor last Tuesday.

AGE welcomes the resolution that states that “all Member States have to protect the fundamental rights of persons receiving long-term care”, and recognizes “the importance of both the quality and continuity of care”. The resolution insists as well on the need to support the caregivers, and especially family carers.

AGE and a wide group of partners from 12 countries are trying to set up a European Partnership for the Well being and Dignity of older people which will use the “European Charter of the rights and responsibilities of older people in need of long-term care and assistance” developed in the framework for the EUSTACEA project to set up a European Quality framework for LTC and develop recommendations for quality standards and quality tools. The newly adopted EP Resolution will be very useful and will help us achieve our objective.

The European Charter and accompanying guide will be presented at a conference, which will be hosted by Elizabeth Lynne, Rapporteur on this resolution, at the European Parliament on 17th November 2010.


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Or contact Maude Luherne, European Parliament Liaison Officer, at




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Thursday 09 September 2010
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