Dignity and wellbeing of older persons in need of care

This interactive online tool aims to help both policymakers and care professionals to adopt a rights-based approach to care policies and daily practice. It provides evidence on the need to develop quality services that protect the dignity of older persons in need of care. The toolkit also lists the available international and European legal and policy frameworks, and the elements that need to be part of a comprehensive policy for long-term care. The latter include developing an adequate legal framework to enforce the rights of older persons, providing adequate social protection for long-term care, implementing a rights-based approach to monitoring of eldercare services, and preventing and fighting elder abuse.

The toolkit includes concise explanations of AGE’s two reference documents in this field: the European Charter on the rights and responsibilities of older persons in need of long-term care and assistance and the European Quality Framework for long-term care services

You can consult the online toolkit here. A PDF version is also available here in order to facilitate reading.


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