Falling through the cracks: Exposing inequalities in the European Union and beyond

SDG-10-Europe-Report-coverDespite the European Union’s commitment to leave no one behind, millions of people in Europe are falling victim to widening inequalities. The new EU-wide report 'Falling through the cracks: Exposing inequalities in the European Union and beyond' shines a light on the impact of rising inequalities on people and planet. It provides a national picture of the various forms of inequalities and an overview of inequalities at the EU level. Its thematic chapters also focuses on individual forms of inequalities.

The report is structured around:

  • 15 national reports highlighting the state of inequalities in each of the participating countries
  • Thematic chapters on individual but interrelated dimensions of inequality [AG1]
  • EU-level review of Europe-wide trends relating to inequalities, the European Union’s commitments in the fight against inequalities, as well as a comparative analysis of how EU member countries have performed.

The report was drafted as part of the pan-European project Make Europe Sustainable for All, in close collaboration with SDG Watch Europe, and with the contributions of 58 organisations.

Access the report here


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